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The Founder

Hi! My name is Jeane Carmichael. I am originally from Brazil, but America has become my home since April 2000. I am a teacher, a translator/interpreter, a writer, but primarily a wife, a mother, and a dreamer.

I am happily married to the man of my dreams, and we have three adorable children, who are homeschooled.

My life as a young girl was made of many dreams, and some big ones even came true. I struggled with some of the same things you are facing today: lack of identity, peer pressure, appearance, self-esteem, search of the truth in different aspects of life, and the list goes on and on.

I am very grateful that God put some very special people in my path to help me overcome my issues. But the most wonderful fact that ever happened to me was to know that I was loved beyond measure by this amazing Father, God himself, who had created me with a plan in mind.

This blog is produced by a team of some young women, and some not so young, who care about you, and want you to STAND OUT and make a difference in this generation. May our words be of inspiration and joy, and give you courage, so you can live a safe, happy and meaningful life, free of as many regrets as possible.

I know you can make a difference, and I invite you to join us in this amazing journey!

Operations Team

Dolly Pellessier

Judy Deshotels

Toni Young

We Can’t Forget Them

Our sincere gratitude goes to many other women, moms, grandmas, sisters or just friends who have served this ministry in different capacities. Some of our faithful events volunteers and website support staff include: Joann Hornsby, Renee Moore, Alice Avery, Melissa McCall, Merida Brooks, Amanda Elliot, Dana Belmore and Victoria Hammons.

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