Why Parenting Is Not a Joke

Why Parenting Is Not a Joke

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.” 3 John 1:4


Parenting can be fun and it is certainly not a joke. It requires serious teamwork from both parents. It starts with lovely dreams mixed with fears filling the hearts of most parents-to-be at the announcement of one of the most challenging events in a person’s life: “We are pregnant!”

What once was a vague thought is about to become reality. What will the baby look like? Who will he/she take after? Will this baby say “mommy” or “daddy” first? Boy or girl? What talents will this baby have? Will there be any deformities?

And Kaboom! At the first glance of that sweet little baby your heart is captivated for a lifetime. But be aware! Children will not stay small forever and neither will your responsibility. Here is why:

1) Children Will Grow Fast

Time goes by so fast right before your eyes. In the midst of memories of the hundreds of diapers changed, toys scattered across the floor, strolls through the park, and long nights devoted to homework, you realize that your child has grown up and has become a teenager.

So much had to be learned by both parents and now Mr. or Ms. Attitude has taken the place of that sweet little creature you held tight in your arms for years. You are left with a turbulent myriad of questions to ask anyone who dares to offer you a hint of experience in this area, “What has happened here? What am I supposed to do next? ”

Well, the fact is that another season has arrived and you need to be on top of it.

2) Children Need to Learn to Walk in the Truth

“Lead them by example”. I’m sure you have heard that before. It is not wise to depend on the world to teach your children about life.

The world has a complete different view and standards from what God planned for humanity. The media has brought the world’s view into our homes and many times we don’t recognize its bad influence on our children. We have neglected our God-given privilege to train our kids in the way they should go, and we will get disappointed and unhappy when they make poor choices as consequence to that.

Let me clarify one thing: children will make poor choices no matter what! We made poor choices growing up, can you remember? But it is still our responsibility to help them trail this path of life avoiding what is bad at any cost. Teaching them to exercise the power of self-control and being accountable to God will spare them much pain on their journey, and usually when adults they will truly appreciate it.

3) Parents Need to Work as a Team

It has to be one of the most frustrating tasks you have ever performed if you find yourself bound to parent by yourself. On the other hand, if you are in a regular husband and wife relationship, you should be able to enjoy the privilege of sharing responsibilities to educate and care for your children.

This is why a well-structured family is so vital from the very beginning of your parenting career. Each person should assume its important role. Parenting is much easier when accepted as a side-by-side walk for both parents. It’s a precious time to develop teamwork skills and take joy in seeing the amazing unifying tools God will use to bless children and parents.

You must apply every possible effort in order to maintain a strong support team for your children. Husband and wife need to live a life filled with good examples so their children have what to get inspired by. They will copy you while little, and through their walk in life they will be collecting lots of information that will compose their new identity. Think of how great your responsibility is as parents; you will provide your children with all sorts of tools to become a man or woman of great character. The choice to use these tools is a decision they will have to make on their own. But at least they will not be able to say that they didn’t know better.

Parents, our time with our children under our umbrella of protection is very limited. Let’s make it count, and for good!

Hello! I am Jeane Carmichael and I am the author of The Stand Out Project. I am passionate about my family and being a servant of God. My desire is to see every person having a deep relationship with God, and living an exciting selfless life that will inspire others to do the same. That's why we have started a mentoring program for high school girls to embolden them to godly living while providing them with skills and opportunities to make a difference in their generation. You might "see" an accent in my writing and that is because I am originally from Brazil. What does that mean? You may get some cultural information once in a while that will broaden how you perceive the world. Nothing to lose here! I hope you enjoy your reading and leave me a comment if you desire so.

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