What is the deal with purity? Can you give me some practical tips on how to be pure?

A: Purity is a big deal because it’s what God has required of us. If you are His child, you are the temple of the Holy Spirit and what you do with your body matters to Him. He reserves sex for husband and wife. This is to protect us from physical disease as well as emotional heartache. Tips on how to be pure: don’t date someone who doesn’t agree with purity. That relationship will be a struggle as the guy pressures the girl into doing things she doesn’t believe is right. She will eventually be worn down and give in. Once a relationship becomes physical, the friendship dies and sex is the main attraction. It always ends bad: pregnancy, heartbreak, sexually transmitted disease, etc.

How can I differentiate bad music from good music?

A: When listening to music, ask yourself this question: Does this song make me think about God and His goodness, something that is good, right, lovely, uplifting? Or does this song make me think about things I know are not pleasing to God? Does it make me feel depressed, angry, hopeless? Does it make me say bad words, untrue statements about me or anybody else, or mock the name of God, which I honestly would never do? That is a good filter for deciding the difference between good and bad music.

What does it mean to find God’s will for my life?

A: The Bible is full of instructions on how to live. Besides the basic Ten Commandments, there are many other teachings, especially from the Parables taught by Jesus in the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John that are excellent sources on finding His will for your life. Beyond the basics, if you pray daily about decisions you need to make and ask yourself this question: What does God think about this situation or decision?, you will soon realize how to decide.

How can I avoid temptations?

A: You can’t. Everybody is tempted daily regarding many things from small temptations to large. We can be tempted to be rude or grouchy to our parents and siblings without even leaving home; we can be tempted to cheat on a test at school or to be lazy and not complete our homework. The important thing to remember is that many temptations can be avoided by avoiding certain situations and certain people who we know will put us in the place of being exposed to temptations. Don’t ask the question: how far can I go before I’ve crossed the line and committed a sin? Instead, have the mindset of moving away from situations that you know could lead to wrong actions and thoughts.

As a Christian, should my clothing matter?

A: Yes. The outward appearance should not be created to attract attention from the opposite sex. Guys are very easily aroused by visual stimulation which is why so many are addicted to pornography. What kind of a relationship are you desiring? If the answer is “one that is meaningful and mutually caring and God-honoring”, then don’t dress in a way that says, “I’m available for sex.”

What does it mean to walk with God?

A: Walking with God means that you are in a close relationship with Him which includes daily prayer and Bible study. A good way to begin each day is by presenting yourself to the Lord in a prayer similar to this: Here I am, your servant. How can I serve You today, Lord? If you are not walking with God, you are walking away from God, going your own way.

I have been approached by a stranger and invited to pursue my dreams and go live abroad. I don’t know the person, but the invitation is all I ever wanted. Should I follow my heart?

A:  NO! This could be a very dangerous situation. This is a common way for human trafficking to begin. If someone offers to help you get your passport and pay your way to go to another country and receive training or begin some occupation, etc., it sounds too good to be true because it is too good to be true. You will become their slave and your rights as a human being will be taken away from you. Don’t ever give yourself over to a stranger.

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