Scholarship Program



Every Stand Out Project girl will have the opportunity to make a difference, and with that become eligible for our Scholarship Program at the end of the school year.

To be eligible for a full or partial scholarship, girls should strive to be an active participant of the Stand Out Project’s activities and events. Every time you participate—with your attendance, ideas, and effort to improve our projects—will earn you points, which will be compiled by our secretary.

Here is how you can accumulate points as you engage in this great opportunity to impact your community.

  • Attending an event/workday (1 point)

We usually hold 5-6 Out of the Box events per year and 4-5 workdays to complete projects or deliver them to recipient organizations.

  • Participating in weekly prayer team (1 point)

We believe in prayer. We believe that prayer will open doors, bring us closer to God and put God in control of every situation as we submit to His will. Girls will be invited to be a part of a prayer team that will meet weekly over phone conference, Skype or any other option decided by the group (this must be approved by all the parents).

  • Bringing a friend to an event (5 points)

Better than enjoying a great event is to have other friends also enjoying a great event with us. We believe in the power of good influence and expect our girls to promote it among their peers. Whoever brings a schooled (public or private) girl gets 2 extra points.

  • Suggesting a project and it is accepted (5 points) 

We are always looking for speakers, ideas and organizations that will receive our projects. Those who you know may be the ones we need to meet.

  • Contributing to the website (3 points)

Girls are invited to contribute to the website with the talents God has given them. It is required though that whatever they display reflects a good personal relationship with God, and promotes encouragement and inspiration.

  • Going beyond the extra mile (5 points) – Special Reward

Girls can be very creative and effective when they dedicate themselves to a project they are passionate about. In addition to all you will do, our team will reward you with 5 extra points if you push yourself into MAKING A BIG DIFFERENCE. Surprise us!

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