Spring Clean Up: #Help!

Spring Clean Up: #Help!

I can hear you say, “Oh, no, here comes mom again!” and you type on your device: “#help”.

Every girl dreads the announcement of another family activity. This one may not be as fun as going to the beach, going to the park and grilling hot dogs, or heading on an amazing boat ride. It’s spring clean up day!

Can’t we just sit outside, grab a good book and enjoy the beautiful weather while sipping a hot mocha or a cup of sweet herbal tea, while listening to our favorite kind of music? “Not today”, says mom. “Today we will take care of other important stuff.”

So let’s get to work and hopefully be done before you are bored to death.

Where to start?

Let’s evaluate what’s inside your heart. Sort through your feelings. What are the feelings worth keeping? If you can identify any anger, anxiety, fear, doubts, depression, or anything else that makes you want to isolate yourself, reject wisdom, plan revenge or just deny God’s love for you, watch out! These should be tagged “not worth keeping”.

Finding the root of these types of feelings may help. It’s hard to deal with problems and actually solve them when you can’t identify the source. Its recurrence will be certain unless you tackle what is promoting the issues, and completely annihilate its root.

That will take courage and determination. It’s much easier to ignore those crashing feelings and keep going, but sooner or later they will crash your party again and that’s it; you will be once more entangled by drama.

How you dispose of dangerous elements you find in your inner box is also important. Think about a hospital, for example. Used medical supplies should never be just left in a regular trashcan and disposed as all other trash. It’s risky. It can contaminate other people and cause damage of immeasurable proportion.

When disposing of your inner trash, consider:

  • First things first. Pray and ask God to reveal to you the things you can and can’t see that have a potential to destroy your life. Bring all to the Lord in prayer.
  • Who am I telling about my feelings, fears, frustrations, and sorrows? Are they actually able to help me overcome them or will they be just one more to agree with me and encourage me to keep those feelings in for a late night pity party?
  • Am I disclosing my feelings to people I don’t know well, just because I need to talk to someone? This is very risky. You may be revealing treasures of your heart to people who will do nothing but use them against you later. Finding a trustful and experienced person to talk to is vital. You can’t learn anything good about life from those who have not lived enough or those who have only made bad choices.
  • Don’t wait to dispose it the next time you clean up. Hoarders do that. They feel sorry for throwing this or that away and in no time they live in the middle of a nasty mess. You can avoid this by disposing unnecessary things kept in your heart as soon as you spot them. If they stay any longer, they will rot, and so will you.

After doing a thorough clean up, nothing will be better than enjoying an empty and clean room. You can start to fill it again and this time with “whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.” Philippians 4:8

Now that you are finished with your task, mission accomplished! Good job. Enjoy your spring!


Hello! I am Jeane Carmichael and I am the author of The Stand Out Project. I am passionate about my family and being a servant of God. My desire is to see every person having a deep relationship with God, and living an exciting selfless life that will inspire others to do the same. That's why we have started a mentoring program for high school girls to embolden them to godly living while providing them with skills and opportunities to make a difference in their generation. You might "see" an accent in my writing and that is because I am originally from Brazil. What does that mean? You may get some cultural information once in a while that will broaden how you perceive the world. Nothing to lose here! I hope you enjoy your reading and leave me a comment if you desire so.

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