What Is Christmas All About?

What Is Christmas All About?
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Jingle bells, carols, lights, toys, candles and sparking colors invite the children for the most anticipated time of the year: Christmas is here; but what is Christmas all about?

Grown ups who have lived long enough know better than to say it is all about gifts. Children will still stick with their needs and wants list and loudly question, “What do I get? Which one is mine?”

Last night in church we were asked to share our Christmas memories and traditions. How interesting it was to hear each person describe their unique experience and how their families still hold traditions to this day.

Having come from a South American country, I also was able to share my unique experience with the congregation. Our Christmas happens during summer time. I know it is hard for people in America or in other northern countries to imagine Christmas without socks, fuzzy coats, snow or hot chocolate, but it gets too hot for all that in my country.

One thing we all had in common, however, was the memory of stopping whatever we were doing and going to church to celebrate God’s son, Jesus Christ. He is the reason for the season!

He is the proof of God’s immeasurable love for humanity. God’s son made human to carry on himself the shame of sins he never committed. “Jesus paid it all”, as the famous hymn says, so that we could have our relationship restored with God. The cross and the resurrection reflect our new path toward eternity, turning away from our old paths and being made new in Christ, for an eternal purpose and walk with Him. He leads the way. We follow.

Why not follow His example this Christmas season? Why not rebuilding relationships long lost? Forgiveness is the key to open that door. It was God’s tool long ago, and it still remains His best tool to this day.

Have a Merry Christmas, big or small. Make it meaningful not because of the hundreds or thousands of dollars you will spend on gifts, but because of the decision you made to rebuild your relationships. Reach out to those who are near and far. Expand your realm of forgiveness to those you would consider a lost cause. Be the first one to reach out to them and let the outcome rest in God’s hands. Just do it in a humble attitude. Don’t let your self-defense mode prevent you from repeating the Master’s example.

Then, enjoy Christmas!



Hello! I am Jeane Carmichael and I am the author of The Stand Out Project. I am passionate about my family and being a servant of God. My desire is to see every person having a deep relationship with God, and living an exciting selfless life that will inspire others to do the same. That's why we have started a mentoring program for high school girls to embolden them to godly living while providing them with skills and opportunities to make a difference in their generation. You might "see" an accent in my writing and that is because I am originally from Brazil. What does that mean? You may get some cultural information once in a while that will broaden how you perceive the world. Nothing to lose here! I hope you enjoy your reading and leave me a comment if you desire so.

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